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Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Phoebe Cummings

We have been so lucky to be in the presence of a great artist as Phoebe spent 3 very long days in our shop window working on this amazing creation, inspired by the rococo fantastical flower paintings of Jean-Baptiste Piellement.

Some preparation on the centrepiece had been done in advance, but she effectively turned up with a few bags of different clays and assorted basic implements and created the work and all its extraordinary detailing within the restricted confines of our window, which was an amazing process to be around.  The work is unfired and will therefore change and deteriorate over time, which, although mementoes can be fired and preserved,  means that its stimulation is akin almost as much to a memorable performance as a conventional work of art.

We signed off on the completed work with as large a number of people as we could squeeze into our showroom to listen to a fascinating talk, where, assisted by Emma Crichton-Miller, Phoebe provided a fascinating insight into the philosphy and technique, which direct her work.

THANK YOU again to Phoebe, for gilding our showroom with her creative presence, and as the work is in a reasonably stable environment, it should be able to stay in the window in its current form for quite a while, so please come and see it.