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Sunday, July 5th, 2020

Phoebe Cummings Dismantle and Regenerate

In a time of such uncertainty, it is ironic that the inherently impermanent beauty of Phoebe Cummings performance in unfired clay should have proved so much more permanent than ever envisaged.  As soon as travel restrictions eased, Phoebe returned to 20A Pimlico Road and the following pictures record the dismantling.  Some favourite flowerheads have been left with us and watch this space to see what will be regenerated from the inspiring memory of this wonderful presence in our window.

Days to make, 1 hour to dismantle

Salvaged Remnants Live on


See @phoebecummngs instagram images as she records the dismantling and the clay goes into the bath to be reborn and we are already  working with Phoebe to commission a new creation drawing inspiration from this performance in unfired clay, which graced our window with such joy from October to June.