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Friday, November 6th, 2020

Blott Kerr Wilson H & G Dec 20

We had the joy of sharing our JET & Co 20A Pimlico Road showroom with Blott Kerr-Wilson and some of her latest work in September and October.  She created a collection of shell decorated planters, roundels and a pair of obelisks and came in person to talk about them during Craft Week.  She mentioned the shell house she created at Bencombe House, which is now featured in the December 2020 issue of House and Garden.  This is also the photo shoot location with Helena Bonham Carter as featured on our Instagram at the time.

Beautiful Blott Shell House Interior at Bencombe House


The gardens at Bencombe , where the shell house is located


Helena Bonham Carter as photographed in Bencombe Shell House

Some of Blott’s pots and one of a pair of extraordinary obelisks in showroom at Pimlico Road and online