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The Jet Fabric Collection

We are delighted to introduce the ‘JET’ collection of Fabrics, which have been created by Susanna White from the recently discovered mid Century designs of her eccentric and talented grandmother Joan Evelyn Thomson.

JET started creating her designs in the 1930s following art school in the UK, Paris and Vienna. She travelled extensively in Europe and America and after the war worked for the iconic Zika Ascher. Marriages, motherhood and then her involvement during the Beatles era with the Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation caused these designs to be left undiscovered until unearthed by Susanna from an old folio in a chest of drawers.

The fabric collection includes designs printed on velvet and linen. The velvets are all of upholstery quality and the linens can be printed on fine or more robust upholstery linen.


The JET COLLECTION can also be seen at our London HomeThe Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom, 13 Langton Street, London SW10 OJL