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Pottery - Mercury Hare

After developing his pottery skills with Alan Baxter in Suffolk, Mercury set up his own pottery in Little Blakenham in Suffolk in 2002. Part of a very talented and artistic family he has exhibited privately sometimes with his sister, the potter and painter Marcia Blakenham and his niece, the painter and illustrator and fellow Whiteworks Artist and Maker Emily Faccini.

His pottery is of great delicacy and charm and has attracted a devoted following, who value its great beauty allied to its domestic practicality.  Anyone who has been lucky enough to own and use Mercury’s pottery will appreciate how it enhances life.  In these images, we have looked to show the beauty, delicacy and depth of colour of Mercury’s work.  Other sizes, designs and colours are available other than those shown.

We are so pleased to work with him to offer selected examples of his work for sale, which as well as being shown on our website will be permanently displayed at our Gloucestershire and London showrooms and travelling events.